Dominatrix, Model, and Wrestler

A demanding perfectionist, who commands complete respect from her subjects.  I am a Stunningly adaptive person, who is completely dedicated to my professionalism. Concentrated focus and extreme attention to detail are the constants I expect. My commitment towards advanced scheduled sessions is unprecedented. I demand constant respect of time and person as I believe in nothing less.   As Dominatrix, Model or Wrestler, the very best is the standard which I promote. I have ventured out into the adult file industry. The Stunning Dominatrix is available for a wide array of fetishes. The Stunning Model has an ever growing portfolio and is available for a vast collection of content. My background inclusive of modeling school will provide professional creative appeal to your portfolio. The Stunning Wrestler promotes an amazing card of sessions which include but are not limited to semi competitive, grappling, fantasy, smothering, boxing, and beat downs. Which ever Stunning persona you are working with, you will be very proud with the content that I will produce.